This week I’ll be enlightening us on *TRAVEL INSURANCE*    It’s important to understand the benefits and important of travel insurance.*TRAVEL INSURANCE:* Is an insurance that seek to cover your medical expenses, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident and other losses incur red while traveling either  internationally or within one’s own country. Travel insurance is very necessary, if you want to embraced on a journey.    _*Some reasons why travel insurance is important are:*_📌 Health issues📌 Lost/Damaged baggage📌 Accidents/Death📌 Flight cancellation    A good travel insurance policy should include coverage for;📌 Cancellation, missed departure📌 Luggage, personal effects and travel documents etc       We travel not to *ESCAPE* life, but for life not to escape us. ” _All work without plays make Jack a dull boy”_, don’t be a workaholic person, come and plan your trip with us today, and we’ll got you covered with genuine documents   *VIRT✈️✈️✈️*, the best travel plug 🔌🔌🔌 to life enhancer through travels🇬🇧🏴󐁧󐁢󐁥󐁮󐁧󐁿🇺🇸  _If not *VIRT*, where else did you want to go!!!_

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* Victory International Resources  Consultancy company*
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_🛫Travels And Tours🛬_
_🎫Ticketing and Reservations🎫_
_🏨Hotel booking🏨_
_🗺Visa procurements assistance 🗺_
_👷Job placement abroad👷‍♀_
_📚Student Study Package📚_
_💡Consultant 💡_
We bring the world to your door step..
Victory International Resources Travel & Tour, the light for the travels and tours industry.

_OFFICE ADDRESS_ : *No101 Iwo Road Sule Manager Building beside Merry bet Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria .*

*Call/WhatsApp: 08162657376* /09121821459
Instagram: victory_international_resource

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